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Meet & Greet

Visit our Balgowlah boutique and let’s chat about what matters to you - be it a significant memory or moment
in your future. Whether you’re looking to reimagine an inherited piece of family history or craft the perfect gift,
we’ll uncover and encapsulate your vision before bringing it to life.

Creative Concept

We’ll work collaboratively with you to move words
into drawings that visually represent the story you
wish to tell. This stage involves honing and refining those original ideas to give us a solid direction
that feels uniquely you.

Choosing Materials

Next, we’ll carefully select the precious metals, diamonds and gemstones that call your name.
At this stage, you can enjoy choosing the centrepiece of your bespoke design, right down to any specific hues and textures you desire.

Design Delivery

We’ll use CAD to create a 3D render of your piece, confirming you’re 100% happy with everything –
from the overall design to the finer details.
By the end of this phase, you’ll feel confident and excited about allowing the crafting process to unfold.

Love brought to life

Fusing artistic creativity with practical precision, our in-house experts will use the final design and selected raw materials to make your jewellery dream a reality. Sahar May’s personal involvement and oversight of the design, sourcing and hand-made production will ensure you walk away with an asset you adore.