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Ethical Diamonds and our Belief

The Future of Diamonds is in your hands...

Here at Jewellery Galleria we believe in Ethical and Conflict Free Diamonds. Our Ethically sourced Diamonds are Diamonds created in a laboratory, where every Diamond, from the classic White through to the coloured Diamonds, are all sustainable and affordable made with a conscientious choice.

A laboratory grown Diamond is a Diamond. Laboratory grown Diamonds are visually, chemically and physically identical to naturally mined Diamonds. There is no difference between a Diamond occurring naturally and a laboratory grown diamond except its ‘origin’. The most respected Diamond grading laboratories the Gemological Institute of America, HRD, along with the International Gemological Institute, IGI, provide Diamond grading reports certifying that laboratory grown Diamonds are exactly the same as natural occurring Diamond except that the Ethical Lab Grown Diamonds is one
created by science.

We believe in transparency, honesty and technology and by choosing an Ethical Diamond we guarantee those pillars. Ethical Diamonds are incredible and are a perfect affordable solution and for those who are socially and environmentally conscious.

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